Small Business Series- The Esthetics Studio

Up next on our Small Business series, we have one of my favorite little spots nestled in Apollo Beach- The Esthetics Studio. My whole life, I thought I was a bit of a ~beauty guru~ and then I met Melissa. My life has been changed, and I am a new woman with much better skin.

A little background for those of you that haven’t been blessed by Melissa and her magical little hands. A former teacher, Melissa had her so called ‘mid-life crisis’, which has to be a joke because she doesn’t look a day over 30, and she opened The Esthetics Studio. This passion began years before, mixing clays and other wholesome ingredients into masks, cleansers, and body scrubs. This passion eventually manifested itself into the gorgeous studio on Apollo Beach Blvd, designed beautifully and with the customer in mind.

The Esthetics Studio offers treatments of all kinds, from acne treatments, anti-aging remedies, peels, and more. My personal favorite has been the pumpkin enzyme peel, which smelled just as refreshing and delicious as it felt. Not only are the treatments relaxing, they also produce results.

Melissa prides her business on having products that are scientifically proven to work, her products are as clean as possible, and they are formulated in a small chem lab, meaning she is able to work one on one with the chemists.

Her favorite part about owning her small business is that it’s brought her connections with so many new people, and that she is able to educate people on their skin needs, allowing her to still tap into that teacher mindset she has.

So, what does supporting small business mean to Melissa? As a wife to a small business owner, and the owner of one herself, it means that she is supporting people and families right within her community. She knows that those dollars are going to a family that is essentially her neighbor, and that supporting local businesses creates jobs within her community.

This Small Business Saturday, be sure to pencil The Esthetics Studio into your shopping stops for the day. Melissa has so many exciting things planned, and the perfect gifts for anyone! While you’re there, go ahead and book a facial and spray tan to get that holiday glow you’re looking for!

1312 Apollo Beach Blvd, Suite M, Apollo Beach, Florida


Facebook Page

Instagram: the_estheticstudio


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