Shoreline Takes on the ATL

Atlanta Apparel Market

Do you ever feel so exhausted that you actually consider using coffee as eyedrops? That is exactly how we felt after attending the Atlanta Apparel Market this past week. You know that old saying “shop ’til you drop”? Yeah, we shopped until we dropped, couldn’t remember which way was up, or what the name of our boutique was. I’m completely kidding, BUT it was a long, tiring, but FUN week, and we want to tell you guys all about it! We try to be as transparent as possible with our customers, and give you as much behind the scenes as we can, which is why we started this blog in the first place. Yes, I know…I’ve been neglecting this project, don’t hate me.

As you can see from the photos above, AmericasMart is massive. There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t end my day with less than 13k steps on my watch, so shopping really is exercise, ladies!! Let your hubbies know that the next time they’re giving you a hard time for your spending habits.

Anyways, walking into the market is like walking into a shopaholic’s fantasy – bright lights, gorgeous materials that scream “touch me”, and everything is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye that you just want to walk around putting everything in your Instagram story . Aesthetics aside, here is what a typical day at market looks like-

6:30 am : Mary is woken by a stream of light coming from the bathroom where Lisa is sitting on the floor reading her Bible, and the smell of not-so-great hotel coffee has filled the hotel room. Mary rolls over to her mouth-breathing sister and has a failed attempt of smothering her with a pillow.

7:30 am : Lisa is in curlers and sorting through the 40 tops she brought for the six days we were in Atlanta. Choices, choices. Mary is on her second cup of coffee and trying to figure out how those YouTube vloggers wing their eyeliner so sharp. Rachel is deciding which of her glittery shoes she should wear with her mom jeans today.

8:30 am: BREAKFAST TIME. Mary and Rachel waddle down to this on-the-go breakfast buffet place, with Lisa not far behind. Maybe if they get there before Lisa, they can sneak in a couple extra biscuits. When Lisa is away, the carbs will play.

9:30 am: The Shoreline trio makes their way to the streets of ATL, where they argue which way is the right way, even though they’ve been walking the same way for the past three days.

10: 30 am: The trio made it to the market. Mary is in the corner asking the people of Instagram which textured sweater is their favorite, and arguing with anyone that doesn’t pick the one she likes. Rachel is in the corner of another vendor putting a pile of sparkly tops together because…sparkles. Lisa is in another vendor interrogating them on if an item runs true to size, what it’s made of, and if they’re giving us free shipping.

12:00 pm : LUNCH TIME. The trio makes their way to the closest food stand, and inhales whatever they can. When I say inhale, I mean Mary ate a full Chick-fil-a sandwich in under a minute.

2:00 pm: The trio is now in the cash-and-carry section. This means they can take pieces with them right then and there, and it doesn’t have to be shipped. Mary is hiding behind a clothes rack changing in the middle of a busy showroom to see if something fits true to size. Rachel and Lisa are throwing clothing at Mary to try on. Mary starts to cry.

4:00 pm: Now it’s accessory shopping. Lisa is climbing on shelves to reach the top earring racks, and now is in desperate search for some belts. Rachel is adding another two hair scarves to her basket- one for the store, and one for her. Mary has a basket filled to the brim with red tasseled items and blingy barrettes. She might have also tackled a lady from Texas to grab the last snakeskin earrings, so if you’re reading this Texas lady, she’s sorry!!

6:00pm: The day is done. The trio stumbles down the escalators in search of food, and wine. Lots, and lots of wine.

8:00pm: With swollen feet, messy buns, and massive sherpa jackets because Lisa keeps the room at 65 degrees, the trio climbs into their beds and fall asleep to the sound of Lisa’s snoring, Rachel’s mouth breathing, and the glow of Mary’s phone.

Until next time, Atlanta.

XOXO, Shoreline Sugars.


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