Caffeine Roasters

WOW. Long time, no write… or I guess it’s read for you guys. Anyways, my last blog post was in the depths of the holiday season, and let me tell you, we barely made it out alive here at Shoreline Sugars. I mean that in the best way possible, though. Long days filled with helping customers pick out gifts for their loved ones, and nights filled with editing photos for our website is exactly how I would pick to go out.

Now here we are, fresh into 2019. Well, maybe not “fresh”; January does seem to be a very long month. I figured the best way to kick off the new year on A Shore Thing is with one of my favorite kind of blog posts- caffeinated and cozy.

Caffeine Roasters is my all time favorite nook in the Tampa area. With two locations to choose from, I spend most of my work from home days here. From the abundance of natural light, the comforting scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air, and a never wavering wifi signal, Caffeine is absolutely the most ideal place for the work-from-home entrepreneur, or even just to catch up with a friend. Cozy up in one of their booths or on one of the plush suede couches, open your laptop, sip some of their signature coffee, and get lost in your work or book. The staff is welcoming and warm- greeting you as you come in, and always telling you to have a great day as you go. But… what really got me about this place besides the chug-worthy coffee is the food.

The menu is diverse and the prices are shockingly affordable; considering most places up-charge a small, sad excuse for avocado toast to $15, compared to the barely $5 Caffeine charges for a massive, beautifully arranged slice. And, yes. That peanut butter toast pictured above that is so pretty I’m starting to feel insecure is also $4.95. So, whether its strong coffee, appetizing snacks, or a relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for, Caffeine Roasters is the answer to your caffeinated prayers.

One of the things on my bucket list is to be able to go somewhere enough, that when I tell them that I’ll have “the usual” and they will know exactly what I want, and they’ll expect me at the same time, on the same days . I have a very good feeling that Caffeine Roasters will be the place this happens for me, and maybe even for you, too.







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