Our Little Roses

Honduras. What comes to mind when you think of that country? Poverty? Murder Capital of the world? Well, when I think of Honduras, I think of hair braiding. I think of cute little girls singing and dancing in “la cancha”. I think of holding tiny hands with someone that speaks no English, not being able to communicate, and having the best day I’ve probably ever had. I think of the most joyful children I have ever come across, and probably every will.

In the heart of San Pedro Sula, there is an orphanage- Our Little Roses- that is home to Honduran girls that have been abused, abandoned, and neglected. Yes, these are the same girls that are so joyful, despite all of their circumstances. How did I end up here? Well, I was introduced to OLR this past July, when I spontaneously felt God tugging on my heart to join a mission trip to the orphanage. Minus a short spring break cruise to the Bahamas ( we won’t count that one) , I had never really been out of the country, spoke zero Spanish, and only knew one person going on this trip. I booked the ticket, and am thankful every day that I made that decision since.

I could go on about Our Little Roses. I could probably write a book about how life changing the girls’ stories were, how sweet the staff or “tias” are, and how grateful and humbled I felt after this trip. I’ll save the novel for another day, but I will say that the mission that Our Little Roses is on, is an incredible one, and they are literally saving girls’ lives every day. They are educating these girls, providing safe housing, nutritious meals, and a family that is not going to leave them or send them on their way when they turn of legal age. The essential things I have been guilty of taking for granted, Our Little Roses provides for these precious girls.

So, this is the part where you’re probably expecting me to ask you to sacrifice your daily latte, and donate all of your money to this organization. Well, I’m not going to. What I will ask, is that you show support of any kind to this organization. Support is not just a monetary thing. As a small business co-owner, I understand the incredible power of social media, and how it can grow and bless your business (or in this case, a charity). I understand the power of a like, a share, the tagging of a friend who you know will be interested on a post, a simple email newsletter sign up. So, this #GivingTuesday, I’m asking you to join me in supporting Our Little Roses, in whatever way you can- like, share, follow, sign up, or if you have the means, making a donation.

On this Giving Tuesday, Facebook and PayPal are matching donations up to $7 million. Here is a link to my personal fundraising page, in which every single cent will be going to Our Little Roses.


Want to know more?

Information for Our Little Roses 


Instagram: @ourlittleroseshonduras

Facebook: /ourlittleroseshonduras


2 thoughts on “Our Little Roses

  1. Wendy Bourgault says:

    This is AWESOME! With so much in the news right now about Honduras I am so happy that you are sending this picture of the oasis that is Our Little Roses!!!


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