Coffee & Art Festival

I’ve said it once, I will say it again- I LOVE COFFEE. All kinds, all types. Iced, frozen, hot, foamy, flavored, whatever it is, I don’t discriminate on my coffee. So, when I heard there was going to be a Coffee and Art Festival, you know I was there. I also had a very talented friend, Brooke, premiering her film, The Connected Cup, at this festival, which not only made us tear up, but showed us that coffee (and tea..but I’m biased) connects so many cultures to each other. I’m not a movie critic, but 10/10 would recommend watching this film.

From local coffee roasters, some of my favorite coffee shops, and showcases from artists of all type at this event, including another talented friend that I got to reconnect with. She’s an incredible artist, and actually put all of the work into organizing this event. Check out her work here  

I highly suggest looking into your local festivals and events; they are not only incredibly fun, but you get a chance to learn something and support your local community and entrepreneurs. We made a day out of it, paying for a pass where we got to sample coffee from every single vendor. We walked, talked to local artists, ate a lot of carbs, and drank way too much coffee. Let me tell you, I left there so wired on caffeine I was probably twitching. But, it was worth it.


Here’s a link to find those local events in the Bay area. Hint- Apollo Beach is under South Shore for all my local readers.


I actually shaved my legs, so I treated them to some sunshine in this super comfy denim overall dress.


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