It’s A Shore Thing




If you know me, you know for the last two years of my life, Shoreline Sugars Boutique has been my little baby, growing every day and filling my life with so much love, tears, and sleep deprivation. Just kidding… or am I.

As we roll on into year two of Shoreline, and we get ready to expand our Apollo Beach location, we decided we wanted to get a little more personal with our customers, and what better way to do that than a little ol’ blog from yours truly.

As the Creative Director with access to behind the scenes gossip, I promise to serve you guys only the best tea with lots of sugar….Shoreline Sugar (was that just the worst joke ever, or…?) But in all seriousness- this is NOT a blog to try and sell you guys a bunch of Shoreline products;  this blog is going to be filled with hidden gems of the Bay area, some drool-worthy foodie pics, behind the scenes tidbits with the boutique, and lots of pep talks because that’s what God has put me on this earth to do!

I do want to start this blog off with 5 things you can be “shore” of when reading this blog:

1) You will laugh. A lot. I like to think that my love language is humor.

2) You will get hungry. My second love language is food, and this blog will be filled with write ups on local restaurants and my favorite recipes.

3) You will stay caffeinated. My blood type is caffeine, and if I have a day off, you will find me at a local coffee shop. I am actually at one as I write this.

4) You will fall in love with small businesses. Supporting small business is SO important!! I can rant about this forever, but I will save that for another blog post. I have the softest spot for small businesses of all kind, and throughout this blog I hope to highlight as many local gems that I can. Have any suggestions on where I should venture next? Shoot me a message at

5) You will see the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve read plenty of blogs that seem so…fluffy. To each their own, but I solemnly swear that I will keep it real and raw for you guys. I’m not perfect, my life is not glamorous (well, sometimes I wear eyelash extensions if that counts) , and I have literally scheduled crying sessions into my planner before. My hope is that a post from this blog will come across someone’s feed on the right day, at the right time, and they will be reminded that they’re not the only one that feels life can get a little lonely and cloudy, and that sometimes life calls for you to binge watch Netflix and eat your weight in macaroni and cheese.


Gossip Girl

just kidding , it’s Mary


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