The Great Pumpkin

Alright, where are all of my last minute Halloween gals? I’m imagining all of you guys raising your hands on the couch, wine in hand, Netflix on, and doing absolutely nothing about your non-existent Halloween outfit. WELL– no need to worry, I am about to save the day. My sister invited me to a Halloween party this past Friday night that one of her friends was hosting. Fun Mary Fact- if there is a social gathering with free food and wine, you bet your ~spooky~ butt I’m going to be there. Fun Mary Fact 2- if I can get away with wearing a big ol’ cozy sweater, I’m gonna do it. Thus, the Great Pumpkin costume was born. Forget the tight little black dresses for cat costumes, or the sexy nurse idea; The Great Pumpkin costume is the real winner here.

I promised at the beginning of this blog that I am not here to try and sell you a bunch of Shoreline stuff, and I promise I am not. I just want you guys to be as comfy as we were in this costume, and to be able to eat as much buffalo chicken dip as I did and not worry about how much your stomach is sticking out. I grabbed this chenille sweater from the boutique, stuffed the whole thing with white tissue paper, and simply tucked it into my high waisted jeans! That easy. I was pumpkin party ready. In fact, my sister saw my outfit and decided to twin with me instead of going as her original costume idea.

So, this year ditch the sexy or scary costumes and go with the Great Shoreline Pumpkin!

What you need:

-Large oversized orange sweater, preferably the Shoreline Sugars sweater because it is SO comfy.

-Festive orange socks. I grabbed a pair from the boutique, and we have plenty more!

-White tissue paper. Stuff that baby good. The plumper, the better.

-A big bow to top your cute little head. My mom used to work at a florist and is the actual queen of bow tying. You know those adorable little bows on our shopping bags? She ties those every week for you guys.

Put it all together, and you get the Great Shoreline Pumpkin! Party safely, pumpkin pals.

Stay spooky,




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